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Word is better with a Microsoft account – Trapped in a loop

The error looks like that:If you click on "Fermer" or "Close" at the bottom left, it shuts down office, and there are no ways to log out from the problematic account. To resolve, you have to press on "Esc" on that message, and it will silently close, and still allow...

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Add Canadian Multilingual to Debian 12 in Gnome Settings

By default, I wasn't seeing the Canadian Multilingual under Settings > Keyboard > Input Sources I finally had to install the french locales, then going back in the Settings > Keyboard > Input Sources it was now available. sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales And...

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Moving away from wkhtmltopdf

The latest author of wkhtmltopdf has made the github repository public archive on January 2, 2023, and is recommending not to use it with untrusted HTML. The best alternative I found is using the chromium headless feature, that has worked quite well for me. First,...

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Unable to load pcdcr.dll

I was having a problem with Sonos S1 Controller telling me: Unable to load pcdcr.dll. Please re-install. The official sonos forums were calling this a rare occurence and didn't have a solution here and here. I used process monitor to try to find out what was wrong and...

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Using rsync instead of git

Some of the benefits I've enjoyed using rsync instead of git to bring back my source code changes to the repository are: Proper symlink handling No state maintenance required One line command line Shows the files that changed A typical presync command would look like:...

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Importing EMLX files from Apple Mail

I was recovering some Apple Mail emails, and found they were in emlx format. Drag and dropping them into the Mail UI wouldn't work. I finally tried copying them over to my linux machine, and drag and dropping them into the Evolution main window worked great.

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